About .RICH

.RICH is a global community of high net worth individuals and the companies that support them. Unprecedented attention to security and privacy make this the most exclusive online experience possible. A .RICH presence online, supports our members’ presence and lifestyle offline.

The .RICH customer

The .RICH member is a confident person who knows who he or she is. They are proud of their achievements and position in life. They go to great lengths to protect themselves and their families from those who try to take advantage of their stature and good fortune.

They value interactions with peers who understand their motivations and have the same expectations of achievement and excellence. The things they do, the places they go and the clubs or organizations that they belong to are beyond the financial reach of anyone outside of their peer circle. This becomes their circle of friends, and this is where they feel most comfortable and secure. This is the circle of friends that .RICH will keep securely connected.

Introduction to .RICH

Everyone is online, and the internet is an anonymous place with little security.

Some of us have the means to live our lives on our own terms and we value real, not anonymous connections. Clubs were created to bring people together with similar interests or backgrounds. They are refuges where one can feel more secure in knowing that you are among your peers.

.RICH was created as an online Club that offers enhanced peer experiences through its exclusivity. More than any other internet address, efforts are made to protect security and privacy—and to ensure as much as possible that .RICH TLD domain owners are among their peers.

This level of security and exclusivity comes at a price, and only those who are able to afford this extra level of privacy can enjoy the benefits of the world’s most exclusive address.

Success and Noblesse Oblige

A small contribution is often enough to have a really large effect: a promising project that cannot be realized without financial support or a family that cannot get out of the poverty trap on its own because of sickness or unemployment. For every domain name registration with a .RICH extension, part of the revenues are donated to a charitable undertaking.

As the registry operators of .RICH, we give every .RICH owner the opportunity of bringing to the attention of individuals and companies those projects that are particularly close to your heart and worthy of support. At the moment we are in the process of gathering information - use the contact form to the right to tell us which projects we should support!

.RICH will hold a community-wide online vote to select which ideas or organizations we will promote and endorse in the future.

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