.RICH Marketing Resources

Use the resources below in any way that is appropriate by the rules outlined. Click here to download the I-Registry .RICH Marketing Kit.


The .RICH logo consists of a round icon, logo type and a tagline 'The World's Most Exclusive Address'. The round icon and tagline should be used with the logo font .RICH whenever possible. The round icon should be centered above the .RICH logo type unless a horizontal configuration is needed. The tagline copy should always be placed in the position shown and should scale proportionally. The icon, logo and tagline should never be altered by condensing, stretching or distorting.

Type Elements

Always use the outlined type as provided in the logo files for the logo font .RICH and for the tagline.


The round icon and tagline should appear as gold and the logo font .RICH should appear as black when possible. If the logo is used over a dark color, the entire logo should be gold. If logo is used over a photograph it can be knocked out to white. Be sure that there is enough contrast in the image for the type to read clearly.


Logo Usage

.RICH logo type should print gold on dark backgrounds.

Brand Statement

The most exclusive Domain Name on the Internet.

.RICH is the domain name, and a personal @.RICH email is the preferred email address, of a global community of high net worth individuals and the companies that support them.